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Looking Back
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Krvavá cesta
(08. 04. 2001)

St. Jiljí church - 2001
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Přílepy - 16. 1. 2005
(16. 01. 2005)

Rakovník, Astacus - 28. 2. 2004
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Few photos from recording the cd
(20. 02. 2005)

Rakovník, Letiště - 25. 9. 2004
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SK - Bratislava - DK Dúbravka - 5. 11. 2005
(09. 11. 2005)

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We've opened a new Merchadise section for you.
Here you can order all materials from the band Warchild and also another things.


You'll find here all the news about the band.
The news are ordered chronologicaly from the oldest to the newest.

* Online chat with Aleister
Released at 19. 06. 2009

You can read the record of yesterday's online chat with Aleister at server Volumemax HERE.

* Online sale of Warchild albums
Released at 10. 06. 2009

You can buy now (or will be able to buy shortly) albums Desire & Rage and Looking Back in many more e-shops in MP3 format: Metalhit.com, iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, Napster, Yahoo Music, AOL Music and many more.

* Eternat Hate Fest 2009 - Starec, CZ
Released at 08. 06. 2009

On Saturday we took part in Eternal Hate Fest in Starec, CZ. The gig was excellent, we enjoyed it splendidly and we thank very much the band Martyrium Christi for inviting us!

* With Elmsfire and Abyssaria in Düsseldorf, DE
Released at 18. 05. 2009

We played a gig with Elmfire and Abyssaria in Düssedorf, DE. The gig and the whole weekeng was absolutely awesome. We thank our friends from Elmsfire (at pictures with us) for this unforgettable experience!

* Desire & Rage and Looking Back available online at I-legalne.cz
Released at 11. 05. 2009

Albums Desire & Rage and Looking Back are now also available online in Czech Republic at server I-legalne.cz.

téma * Review of Desire & Rage at Rock Storm
Released 11. 04. 2009

Another review of Desire & Rage album was published at Rock Storm. You can read this review in this article or directly at Rock Storm. (Sorry, only in Czech)

* Desire & Rage and Looking Back available online
Released at 25. 02. 2009

We signed contract with American label Metalhit.com for worldwide digital (mp3) distribution of albums Desire & Rage and Looking Back. So if you want this albums, or just some songs, you can buy it comfortably here.

* Interview at Sicmaggot with Aleister
Released at 25. 02. 2009

At Sicmaggot server was published the interview with Aleister. You can read it in this article or right at Sicmaggot (in Czech).

* Review of Desire & Rage at Sicmaggot
Released at 24. 02. 2009

And we've got here another review of Desire & Rage, this time at Sicmaggot server. You can read the review in this article or directly at Sicmaggot (in Czech).

* Review of Desire & Rage at Powermetal.de
Released at 19. 02. 2009

Another review of Desire Rage was born. This one was released by German server Powermetal.de. You can read it in original here, English translation in this article. Author of the review is Walter Scheurer.

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  Top news

17.09.2018: Listen to the new Warchild song ETERNAL!
Listen to the first song from upcoming Warchild CD - Eternal at www.bandzone.czwarchild and let us know what you think about it. The song was recorded in Warchild studio and our thanks for great mix and mastering belong to Noisebleed studio (www.noisebleed-studio.com). Lyrics:

10.02.2018: Warchild at Mad Metal Maniacs fest again

Good news everyone - this year we will play at great festival Mad Metal Maniacs in Šanov , CZ again - both at unofficial metal fans meeting on 27. 7. and at the festival on 28. 7. Looking forward to see you there!

13.11.2013: CZ, Rakovník - Astacus vol. VI

See ya at birthday party on 29. 11. 2013 in Astacus!

30.10.2012: CZ, Louny, GeTiTon

After a long long time we're glad to have a good news for you - we're ready to play at least a short set in new line-up. Come to see, hear and support us on Saturday in Louny!

08.03.2011: CZ, Rakovník, Astacus

We gladly accepted the invitation from band Noir Absintheia to play with them in Rakovník in Astacus. Come to scream with us ;)

07.03.2011: CZ, Plzeň, Club Jam

The band Llyr invited us to play in club Jam in Plzeň, CZ.

15.11.2010: Sound Storm XI
Warchild is back!!! Come to support us!

21.09.2009: Sound Storm X
Tenth "anniversary“ mini-festival Sound Storm will take place on Saturday 3. 10. 2009 in bikers’ club Astacus in Rakovník, CZ. The invitation of local Warchild was accepted by German Elmsfire, Legion, Winselland and Dark Angels.

09.06.2009: Online chat with Aleister
On Thursday 18. 6. 2009 from 21:00 will take place on server Volumemax online chat with Aleister. Participants of the chat will of course have the possibility to ask anything, what's in their minds, and will also have the chance to win the new CD from the band Warchild - Desire & Rage. You'll find the online chat HERE.

05.06.2009: Sound Storm IX
Another gig of Sound Storm series is aproaching! Again it will take place in bikers' club Astacus in Rakovník, CZ and this time you'll see Warchild (thrash/black metal), Common Grave from Germany (death/HC), Animal Hate (death metal), Morgus Down (black metal) and Terror Incognita (thrash metal).

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