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Looking Back
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St. Jiljí church - 2001
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Few photos from recording the cd
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SK - Bratislava - DK Dúbravka - 5. 11. 2005
(09. 11. 2005)

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New video - Buchenwald - released
(Warchild, News, 10.02.2008)
We've released a new video to the song Buchenwald (you can download it in the section Download). This video will be, together with two other new videos, as a bonus at the CD Desire & Rage, which should be released this spring.

Silentor - new Warchild bass player
(Warchild, News, 22.12.2007)
We've got a new bass player - more info you'll find in main menu on the left. Photo will be added later.

Bass player Nestorat leaves Warchild
(Warchild, News, 26.11.2007)

After a long stay in Spain our bass player Nestorat definitely decided to stay there for good and can't therefore go on in the band.

We thank him very much for his long years lasting friendship and his work for the band and wish him a lot of luck and successes in the future!

The youngest Warchild fan :)
(Warchild, News, 14.10.2007)
On 3. 8. 2007 the daughter of Marky and Aleister was born. Her name is Adélka and now, after two and half months, she's already a grown miss and stubborn Warchild fan :)

New drummer
(Warchild, News, 14.09.2007)
The drum chair got after long years occupied by live man. It's Kraken, which is also involved in several other bands. Nowadays we working at the co-ordination and are getting prepared for the first gig after the long silence, during which we're recording the new CD. Kraken's profile we'll publish in the nearest time.

Bass player Psycho leaves Warchild
(Warchild, News, 26.05.2007)

Bass player Psycho announced his decision to leave the band because of personal reasons.

We thank him very much for his work for the band in the passed years and wish a lot of successes and luck in the future.

New Warchild buttons
(Warchild, News, 09.02.2007)
Just arrived from the production the new Warchild buttons. The buttons are full-colored of 25mm in diameter and you can get them in our Merchandise section for mere 1,- EUR. Also arrived a new batch of Looking Back CD's. So don't hesitate and order!!!

The time of silence has come
(Warchild, News, 04.12.2006)
Last weeks, as you may have noticed, the band Warchild was silent. After cancelling the autumn minitour we started to build a new rehearsal room, which is now finally finished. We opened it last Saturday and now we'll entirely attend to preparing a new CD, which should be released next autumn. At the same time we're filming new videoclips. We want to focus on this CD entirely, so that it will be really quality material. That's why we won't play any gigs till that time and we'll work hard at new songs.

Under Pain Of Death 2006 tour cancelled
(Warchild, News, 03.10.2006)
Under Pain Of Death 2006 tour of bands Warchild, Stigma, Morgus Down and Euthanasie was cancelled because of very serious personal reasons. We apologize to all fans who were about to come.

Under Pain Of Death Tour 2006
(Warchild, News, 15.08.2006)
You have decided! You've decided in the survey that the autumn tour of bands Warchild, Morgus Down, Stigma, Euthanasie and Belligerence will be called Under Pain Of Death Tour. Thank you and we're looking forward to see you at the gigs!

Imporant personal change in the band!!!
(Warchild, News, 23.07.2006)
In the nearest future very important personal change in the band Warchild will happen, but the band members will remain the same. How is it possible?

Our bass player Psycho will leave the band and a woman will take his place. However the band line-up will not change. How the hell is it possible?

It is so - our bass player Psycho already from his childhood isn't satisfied with the fact that he's a man. He always felt more like woman and longed to be a complete woman. Recently he made through a very demanding preparations for a surgical gender change and his longtime dream is about to become real in the nearest future.

We wish him that everything goes well without complications and that he is maximally happy with his new state!

Picture - Psycho tries, assisted by Samael, his new swimsuit:

For those who didn't get it till now - this is a joke :D

New Warchild t-shirts
(Warchild, News, 27.04.2006)

In our Merchandise section you can now order the new Warchild t-shirts in three variations - standard, sleeveless and girlies.

Warchild at Apocalyptic Form Of Death 2006
(Warchild, News, 25.12.2005)
Through invitation of the band Mater Monstifera we will play at reknown festival Apocalyptic Form Of Death 2006. The festival will take place in CR, Trhové Sviny, in autocamp, on 23. - 24. 6. 2006.

Clips of Warchild at the TV station Óčko
(Warchild, News, 08.09.2005)
The music TV station Óčko broadcasted already several times both video clips from the album Looking Back and will keep on broadcasting them in the shows Madhouse and Smršť.


  Top news

17.09.2018: Listen to the new Warchild song ETERNAL!
Listen to the first song from upcoming Warchild CD - Eternal at www.bandzone.czwarchild and let us know what you think about it. The song was recorded in Warchild studio and our thanks for great mix and mastering belong to Noisebleed studio (www.noisebleed-studio.com). Lyrics:

10.02.2018: Warchild at Mad Metal Maniacs fest again

Good news everyone - this year we will play at great festival Mad Metal Maniacs in Šanov , CZ again - both at unofficial metal fans meeting on 27. 7. and at the festival on 28. 7. Looking forward to see you there!

13.11.2013: CZ, Rakovník - Astacus vol. VI

See ya at birthday party on 29. 11. 2013 in Astacus!

30.10.2012: CZ, Louny, GeTiTon

After a long long time we're glad to have a good news for you - we're ready to play at least a short set in new line-up. Come to see, hear and support us on Saturday in Louny!

08.03.2011: CZ, Rakovník, Astacus

We gladly accepted the invitation from band Noir Absintheia to play with them in Rakovník in Astacus. Come to scream with us ;)

07.03.2011: CZ, Plzeň, Club Jam

The band Llyr invited us to play in club Jam in Plzeň, CZ.

15.11.2010: Sound Storm XI
Warchild is back!!! Come to support us!

21.09.2009: Sound Storm X
Tenth "anniversary“ mini-festival Sound Storm will take place on Saturday 3. 10. 2009 in bikers’ club Astacus in Rakovník, CZ. The invitation of local Warchild was accepted by German Elmsfire, Legion, Winselland and Dark Angels.

09.06.2009: Online chat with Aleister
On Thursday 18. 6. 2009 from 21:00 will take place on server Volumemax online chat with Aleister. Participants of the chat will of course have the possibility to ask anything, what's in their minds, and will also have the chance to win the new CD from the band Warchild - Desire & Rage. You'll find the online chat HERE.

05.06.2009: Sound Storm IX
Another gig of Sound Storm series is aproaching! Again it will take place in bikers' club Astacus in Rakovník, CZ and this time you'll see Warchild (thrash/black metal), Common Grave from Germany (death/HC), Animal Hate (death metal), Morgus Down (black metal) and Terror Incognita (thrash metal).

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