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* Interview at Sicmaggot with Aleister
Released at 25. 02. 2009

At Sicmaggot server was published the interview with Aleister. You can read it in this article or right at Sicmaggot (in Czech).

Warchild struggles through the Czech underground for quite many years already, which led among others to releasing of recent album "Desire & Rage". After recent review of D&R I decided to make also an interview with Warchild. My inquisitive questions answered very comprehensively the singer, guitarist and main composer of the band - Aleister.

01. Warchild don’t belong amongst the most renowned names of Czech scene so far. How would you introduce your band to someone, who never heard about it so far?

It’s hard to describe. Of course the best thing to do is to listen to some pieces. Very briefly it’s such a mixture of quite even parts of thrash metal, black metal and death metal. But we also mix in other influences as it comes to our minds at the moment :) Simply energetic, brutal and fast music ;)

02. The new album "Desire & Rage" is out for some months now. What were the reactions and how are you personally satisfied with the final face of the album?

The reactions of critics as well as of fans were altogether very positive, even zealous. I was surprised pleasantly :) There are still rebukes to drum machine, but it’s such thing we can do nothing about – there are no drummers in stock. Well I’m very satisfied. Considering we recorded the whole thing by ourselves in our rehearsal room I guess it’s very good job. Of course it’s a question, if we’ll go to some studio next time or if we do it the same way. It hangs together very much with our lengthy way of recording, which would cost a fortune in a studio :)

03. In your opinion what’s the difference between your debut "Looking Back" and the new album? In what do you see the biggest progress?

Difference is huge :) The album Looking Back was something like summation of first seven years of the band and thick line behind this period. It means that it contained mostly the old things, which were relatively immature, which resulted especially from the fact that we were still looking for our own style and we needed to play a lot to reach some skills. All songs on Desire & Rage are (as for the music) new and there’s evident progress especially in complexness of the songs, wider spectrum of vocals, higher dynamics and aggressiveness – simply expressive quality progress.

04. One can’t avoid noticing that you accentuate music videos, or at least it’s my impression. You shot 5 of them till now, from which especially the two last of them are really precious. What do the videos mean to you? Is it another form of propagation of Warchild or is it something special?

It’s not very much of propagation, the possibilities of presentation of music videos in Czech Republic are quite narrow, I’d say that it’s such way to even more emphasize the atmosphere of the song and supplement the idea of another form of expression. Actually such logical continuation of chain song -> music -> video :) We always try to make it so that the songs contain some basic message from which also stems the video later. As for the videos we’ve got quite wide possibilities, because we’ve got an excellent co-worker – Míra Bretšnajdr – which is very skillful, so why shouldn’t we use it :)

05. When I mentioned the videos I have to ask about the video for song "Buchenwald". Some takes in it are really only for people with strong stomach. Why did you make such video? I’d also like to know, if you didn’t have some problems because of it, now I don’t mean that TV’s wouldn’t feel like broadcasting it, but more like some charge of Nazism. I know that such charge would be nonsense in the case of Warchild, but for example Antifa likes to poke senselessly at these things...

Now you’ve hit the right nail on the head! There were problems with Buchenwald from the beginning. It’s a song written by Jews from concentration camp, something like Buchenwald anthem, and we just added the music. It’s relatively important song for us, because it’s about things that really happened and which were so inhumane that it’s absolutely inconceivable to human reason. That’s why decided to make video for it. I cut it from our live videos and from contemporary documentaries. So everything in that video is entirely authentic. Filth, but so it was. Of course the reactions were sometimes even curiously negative. From charges of Nazism and Fascism and I don’t know what else to objections that it’s profanation of the memory of victims and so. I don’t understand it, these objections make no sense to me. We did the song to remind the victims of concentration camps and their suffering!
The video is broadcasted not only on internet, but also on TV Óčko. Óčko didn’t recoil from it, for which they deserve thanks and apprecation, and broadcast the video in spite of that that they also got some very negative reactions.
Sadly it is so that most people don’t want to know their own past and don’t like to watch nasty things that really happened. It’s much more comfortable and much more pleasant to stick a head into sand and pretend that it never happened. But the nation, which doesn’t know its past, has no future too.
Well and Antifa and similar unions? Recently I wrote to that quite extensive statement on our Bandzone presentation. Of course they take our name into their mouths, sling mud at us everywhere and even somewhere in A-kontra was an article giving because of the song Buchenwald as an example of “growing of fascism into black metal”. Well I’d have to laugh or get pissed awfully. If anybody isn’t able to read simple lyrics and understand the meaning, then he’s regrettably stupid asshole not worth any explaining. Sadly there are such people amongst us and they’re not just few.

06. I noticed that two songs from "Desire & Rage" appeared already on 8 years old demo "Krvavá Cesta". Do you have some more old songs in stock, which you intend to use on next album, or will it be all new things?

You’re right - Last Goodbye and Old Man's Legend. The music was nothing special, but these songs had such good lyrics that we decided to make new music for them and put them on the CD. On the next CD should in this fashion appear song Lies, which we never recorded, but played at gigs. So again old lyrics with new music. And with this we’ll be out of stock I guess :)

07. I’d like to ask about instrumental song "Canon in D Major". For me it doesn’t fit into Warchild style, it feels more like some cover version of some classical song, also the name says so (just my opinion, I didn’t make any further research about it). Can you tell us something more about "Canon in D Major"?

Right again ;) Canon in D Major is cover version of classic baroque song from Johann Pachelbel. It’s slowly becoming sort of tradition – on the previous CD there was cover version of Love Story from Francis Lai and on the ext one there will also be something like that :) It’s such a pleasant bonus for listeners I guess.

08. You released all your albums by yourselves so far. Is it a intention to have absolute freedom and control of your own creations or do you do it so because you didn’t find any suitable label? (By the way, although it’s too early probably, when would you like to see the new Warchild album released?)

We got several offers from different labels, but somehow there were no advantages in that. They’d only try to talk into it. This way we do every album in our own way, our sponsors help us financially with production and distribution we do together with our associate e-shops and labels. Only for worldwide digital distribution in mp3’s we signed a deal with American label Metalhit.com. It’s very elaborate this way, but it suits us well. Anyways we don’t say no to anything and we’ll see, if there come some interesting offers to release our next album. Anways the lyrics for the next album are completely ready and we’re beginning to work on the music. I wouldn’t like to estimate when it could be out (last time I missed in the estimation for almost two years :)) But I guess it will take some two or three years.

09. You use drum machine, which is a pity in my opinion, especially considering that you played with live drummers in the past. Could you explain why you have to use drum machine?

The answer is very simple – there are no drummers :) Far and wide around there’s nobody, who could play that and at the same time would like to play that and at the same time would be a fine guy to fit in the band. During the years of existence of our band we had some eight or nine drummers and nobody was able to survive with us :) Now we don’t search anymore. It would be better for sure to have live drummer, but it doesn’t seem to go that way regrettably...

I think that’s enough questions, no other come to my mind :) Anyways thanks for your time and I wish Warchild good luck into the future. If you’d like to add something, you’re welcome of course.

We thank a lot for your interest and for the space on Sicmaggot and all the best to you ;)

  Top news

17.09.2018: Listen to the new Warchild song ETERNAL!
Listen to the first song from upcoming Warchild CD - Eternal at www.bandzone.czwarchild and let us know what you think about it. The song was recorded in Warchild studio and our thanks for great mix and mastering belong to Noisebleed studio (www.noisebleed-studio.com). Lyrics:

10.02.2018: Warchild at Mad Metal Maniacs fest again

Good news everyone - this year we will play at great festival Mad Metal Maniacs in Šanov , CZ again - both at unofficial metal fans meeting on 27. 7. and at the festival on 28. 7. Looking forward to see you there!

13.11.2013: CZ, Rakovník - Astacus vol. VI

See ya at birthday party on 29. 11. 2013 in Astacus!

30.10.2012: CZ, Louny, GeTiTon

After a long long time we're glad to have a good news for you - we're ready to play at least a short set in new line-up. Come to see, hear and support us on Saturday in Louny!

08.03.2011: CZ, Rakovník, Astacus

We gladly accepted the invitation from band Noir Absintheia to play with them in Rakovník in Astacus. Come to scream with us ;)

07.03.2011: CZ, Plzeň, Club Jam

The band Llyr invited us to play in club Jam in Plzeň, CZ.

15.11.2010: Sound Storm XI
Warchild is back!!! Come to support us!

21.09.2009: Sound Storm X
Tenth "anniversary“ mini-festival Sound Storm will take place on Saturday 3. 10. 2009 in bikers’ club Astacus in Rakovník, CZ. The invitation of local Warchild was accepted by German Elmsfire, Legion, Winselland and Dark Angels.

09.06.2009: Online chat with Aleister
On Thursday 18. 6. 2009 from 21:00 will take place on server Volumemax online chat with Aleister. Participants of the chat will of course have the possibility to ask anything, what's in their minds, and will also have the chance to win the new CD from the band Warchild - Desire & Rage. You'll find the online chat HERE.

05.06.2009: Sound Storm IX
Another gig of Sound Storm series is aproaching! Again it will take place in bikers' club Astacus in Rakovník, CZ and this time you'll see Warchild (thrash/black metal), Common Grave from Germany (death/HC), Animal Hate (death metal), Morgus Down (black metal) and Terror Incognita (thrash metal).

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